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Crush Your 2024 Resolutions with Simple Steps to Long-Term Success!

Hey Auburn!

New Year, new goals! 🎉

Ever felt the sting of falling short on New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. But fear not, it’s not that resolutions are cursed; it’s often the sky-high expectations and lack of planning.

You don’t need to leap from zero exercise to a lofty 5 workouts per week. Disaster waiting to happen, right?

Nor should you commit to 5 workouts weekly without a solid plan or accountability system.

Let’s start small…

If your current step count is 5k a day, aim for 7k in January. In 6 months, that’s an extra 364,000 steps.

That’s a significant stride! It may reflect in your results, but even if it doesn’t…

In 6 years, you’d have taken an extra 4,380,000 steps. Enough to transform into a completely different human being.

Keep in mind… this post isn’t just about steps. It can be about: Drinking an extra glass of water every day, going to bed an hour early each night, eating an extra serving of vegetables daily.

It also doesn’t just have to be about health & fitness. It can be as simple as remembering to reach out to a long-lost friend once a week.

Small changes, consistently executed over time – that’s the magic formula.

Start moving… stay moving… stay healthy Auburn!

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