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Kickstarting Your Fitness Journey: Personalized Tips for Beginners

Hey there Auburn / Opelika Fitness Enthusiasts!

One constant complaint I hear on an almost daily basis when talking to people about their health is “I have no idea how to get started.”

I can’t blame them…. in a world where misinformation runs rampant, and where everyone on social media pretends to be some sort of fitness guru, how the heck are you supposed to know what to do?

This week, I want to share a few sure-fire tips & resources we use with our clients to simplify their fitness journey.

1️⃣ There is no one-size fits-all model….. you need to find what works for YOU. That may be personal training… that may be small group… that may be just finding a walking buddy in your neighborhood. Don’t listen to the people that tell you it’s their way or the highway. Auburn & Opelika has a plethora of options, you just need to find your right fit!

2️⃣ When starting a new plan, ask yourself “Could I do this forever?” If the answer is “No”, then it’s time to find a new plan. Don’t pick some crazy new diet that isn’t sustainable, or try to workout 7x / week (ESPECIALLY at the start of your journey). If tailgating is a key part of your life in the Fall, don’t pick some program that requires you to eliminate social situations.

3️⃣ Motion is Lotion. This is a key tenet of our facilities, and something that we strive to live by with all of our clients. Chances are, your knees don’t hurt because you’ve used them a bunch…. they hurt because you haven’t used them enough for them to be STRONG.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated…. social media gurus just want you to think that it is, because it makes their “secret sauce” seem that much more valuable.

Remember — you don’t need crazy results on a short timeline to be successful… You need average results over an above average period of time.

Keep moving… Stay moving… Stay healthy!

In good health,

Cam Peavy & The Infinity Team

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