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Personalized Progress: How to Measure Success in Your Fitness Journey

Hey there Auburn / Opelika fitness enthusiast!

The other day, a client asked me “Will I still make progress if I don’t lift as much weight as the lady next to me?”

This client had just about ZERO workout experience prior to joining us, so it made complete sense that she felt a bit in-the-dark on how to make progress.

Fortunately for her (and everyone else in the world), progress isn’t guarded behind a certain number, but rather the challenge it creates for you.

For example, Stacy may be able to squat 100 pounds with ease. It’s not a challenge to her. And while that may look impressive, squatting 100 pounds isn’t going to yield her with any tangible results.

On the other hand, Amy finds 100 pounds to be extremely challenging, and she can only squat that weight 6-8 times before she fatigues.

For those reasons, that’s a great weight for Amy to be working with!

Stacy on the other hand, needs to find a heavier weight that presents a challenge for her body.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “Pressure creates diamonds.” And if we aren’t putting our body through this “pressure”, how else is it supposed to adapt?

You want the weight you choose to be a challenge for you. If you finish a workout and feel like you could do another 1000 reps, it’s probably time to up the intensity a bit!

Keep moving… Stay moving… Stay healthy!

In good health,

Cam Peavy & The Infinity Team

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