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Turning Pain into Progress: How Movement Can Alleviate Chronic Injuries

Hey Auburn / Opelika Fitness Enthusiasts!

I used my injuries as an excuse to not workout for years.

I have arthritis in my knee, and bursitis in my shoulder, and they were very convenient stories to tell myself as to why I wasn’t making it into the gym…..

But using my injuries as an excuse goes against one of our core principles at Infinity: Motion is Lotion.

Sure, not every injury can just be worked through… that’s why surgery, physical therapy, and rest exist. But if you’re expecting your injury to just magically fix itself by sitting around the house, you’re in for a rough wake-up call in the years to come.

After working with hundreds of individuals over the last decade, it’s amazing how many people come through our doors on day one with some sort of pain or discomfort.

Back pain. Hip tightness. Bad knees. Frozen shoulders. You name it, we’ve heard it….

And it’s amazing to see these issues subside once these individuals start learning proper movement patterns, improve their strength, and get moving.

I’m not saying your injury doesn’t matter, and I’m not saying your pain isn’t real. All I’m saying is, I’ve seen hundreds of people alleviate their pain through movement.

Keep moving… Stay moving… Stay healthy!

In good health,

Cam Peavy & The Infinity Team

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